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Folder: P and C InformationP and C InformationP and C Information
2017  AIP   Airville State School  13th Feb 2017.pdf2017 Annual Implementation Plan 2017 AIP Airville State School 13th Feb 2017436 KB
Book Lists for each grade.pdfBook ListsBook Lists for each grade232 KB
complaint-management.pdfComplaint Managementcomplaint-management602 KB
Enrolment Agreement.pdfEnrolment - AgreementEnrolment Agreement64 KB
Student enrolment application Version 6.pdfEnrolment - ApplicationStudent enrolment application Version 62766 KB
state_school.docx consent form.docx 2014 version.pdfEnrolment - Consent formstate_school.docx consent form.docx 2014 version65 KB
Enrolment forms last updated 16051801.pdfEnrolment forms package last updated 18/05/2016Enrolment forms last updated 16051801907 KB
SIU- Airville State School Executive Summary - 2016.pdfExecutive SummarySIU- Airville State School Executive Summary - 2016327 KB
GRG-2015.pdfGreat Results Guarantee 2015GRG-2015280 KB
snapshot-report-for 2015.pdfGreat Results Guarantee Agreementsnapshot-report-for 2015175 KB
Head Lice Fact Sheet.pdfHead Lice Fact SheetHead Lice Fact Sheet152 KB
i4s-agreement-2017.pdfI4S Agreement 2017i4s-agreement-2017276 KB
PandC_membership_application.pdfP&C Association Application for MembershipPandC_membership_application31 KB
Smart Choices Tuckshop.pdfP&C Smart choices tuckshop guidelinesSmart Choices Tuckshop2101 KB
Parent information handbook Generic.pdfParent Handbook last updated 18/05/2016Parent information handbook Generic1457 KB
Attendance Policy.pdfPolicy - AttendanceAttendance Policy349 KB
Code of Behaviour.pdfPolicy - Code of BehaviourCode of Behaviour77 KB
Discipline Audit 2014 Fact sheet for parents and carers.pdfPolicy - Discipline AuditDiscipline Audit 2014 Fact sheet for parents and carers199 KB
AirvilleSS DA Profile2014 DOC.pdfPolicy - Discipline Audit Profile 2014AirvilleSS DA Profile2014 DOC481 KB
Airville SS DA ES 2014.pdfPolicy - Disipline Audit Executive Summary 2014Airville SS DA ES 2014283 KB
2013-version-Learning-and-well-being-framework.pdfPolicy - Learning and well being2013-version-Learning-and-well-being-framework277 KB
Refund Guidelines.pdfPolicy - Refund guidelines for excursions and campsRefund Guidelines12 KB
Responsible-Behaviour-Plan-Approved-by-PandC-27th-August-2013.pdfPolicy - Responsible Behaviour PlanResponsible-Behaviour-Plan-Approved-by-PandC-27th-August-2013943 KB
School Rules.pdfPolicy - School RulesSchool Rules296 KB
Religious Instructions 2016-04-20.pdfReligious Instructions Information and PermissionReligious Instructions 2016-04-20141 KB
School Strategic Plan 2016-2020.pdfSchool Strategic Plan 2016-2020School Strategic Plan 2016-2020379 KB
Teaching and learning 8 page profile.pdfTeaching and learning audit - 8 page profileTeaching and learning 8 page profile254 KB
Teaching and learning executive summary.pdfTeaching and learning audit - Executive summaryTeaching and learning executive summary116 KB
Teaching and learning parent factsheet.pdfTeaching and learning audit - Parent factsheetTeaching and learning parent factsheet321 KB