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Folder: P and C InformationP and C InformationP and C Information
2017  AIP   Airville State School  13th Feb 2017.pdf2017 Annual Implementation Plan 2017 AIP Airville State School 13th Feb 2017436 KB
2018-annual-implementation-plan.pdf2018 Annual Implementation Plan2018-annual-implementation-plan185 KB
2019-annual-implementation-plan.pdf2019 Annual Implementation Plan2019-annual-implementation-plan419 KB
booklist-airville-state-school.pdfBooklist Airville State Schoolbooklist-airville-state-school115 KB
complaint-management.pdfComplaint Managementcomplaint-management602 KB
Enrolment Agreement.pdfEnrolment - AgreementEnrolment Agreement64 KB
Student enrolment application Version 6.pdfEnrolment - ApplicationStudent enrolment application Version 62766 KB
state_school.docx consent form.docx 2014 version.pdfEnrolment - Consent formstate_school.docx consent form.docx 2014 version65 KB
Enrolment forms last updated 16051801.pdfEnrolment forms package last updated 18/05/2016Enrolment forms last updated 16051801907 KB
SIU- Airville State School Executive Summary - 2016.pdfExecutive SummarySIU- Airville State School Executive Summary - 2016327 KB
GRG-2015.pdfGreat Results Guarantee 2015GRG-2015280 KB
snapshot-report-for 2015.pdfGreat Results Guarantee Agreementsnapshot-report-for 2015175 KB
Head Lice Fact Sheet.pdfHead Lice Fact SheetHead Lice Fact Sheet152 KB
i4s-agreement-2017.pdfI4S Agreement 2017i4s-agreement-2017276 KB
i4s-agreement-2018.PDFI4S Agreement 2018i4s-agreement-2018109 KB
i4s-agreement-2019.PDFI4S Agreement 2019i4s-agreement-2019693 KB
PandC_membership_application.pdfP&C Association Application for MembershipPandC_membership_application31 KB
Smart Choices Tuckshop.pdfP&C Smart choices tuckshop guidelinesSmart Choices Tuckshop2101 KB
Parent-information-booklet-and-booklist- 2018.pdfParent Information Booklet and Booklist 2018Parent-information-booklet-and-booklist- 20181741 KB
Attendance Policy.pdfPolicy - AttendanceAttendance Policy349 KB
Code of Behaviour.pdfPolicy - Code of BehaviourCode of Behaviour77 KB
Discipline Audit 2014 Fact sheet for parents and carers.pdfPolicy - Discipline AuditDiscipline Audit 2014 Fact sheet for parents and carers199 KB
AirvilleSS DA Profile2014 DOC.pdfPolicy - Discipline Audit Profile 2014AirvilleSS DA Profile2014 DOC481 KB
Airville SS DA ES 2014.pdfPolicy - Disipline Audit Executive Summary 2014Airville SS DA ES 2014283 KB
2013-version-Learning-and-well-being-framework.pdfPolicy - Learning and well being2013-version-Learning-and-well-being-framework277 KB
Refund Guidelines.pdfPolicy - Refund guidelines for excursions and campsRefund Guidelines12 KB
Religious Instructions 2016-04-20.pdfReligious Instructions Information and PermissionReligious Instructions 2016-04-20141 KB
responsible-behaviour-plan-for-students.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan For Studentsresponsible-behaviour-plan-for-students693 KB
School Strategic Plan 2016-2020.pdfSchool Strategic Plan 2016-2020School Strategic Plan 2016-2020379 KB
Teaching and learning 8 page profile.pdfTeaching and learning audit - 8 page profileTeaching and learning 8 page profile254 KB
Teaching and learning executive summary.pdfTeaching and learning audit - Executive summaryTeaching and learning executive summary116 KB
Teaching and learning parent factsheet.pdfTeaching and learning audit - Parent factsheetTeaching and learning parent factsheet321 KB